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Custom Exhaust Systems

Looking for that distinctive sound? We're not talking about speakers, we talking about that throaty sound out back that really gets the attention you deserve and performance to add to that distinctive sound.

We carry the best mufflers and headers from manufacturers such as MagnaFlow, Flowmaster, Borla, Hedman Headers, Hooker Headers, Doug Thorley Headers, and if you are looking for that old school sound - order up a set of glasspacks. We have those too.


Magnaflow exhaust products, with the exception of their Titanium line, are all made from stainless steel. Not aluminized steel... Not mild steel... But real, stainless steel is found in every cat-back Magnaflow exhaust system. Making them the most durable you will find compared to anywhere else! Each Magnaflow muffler is designed with a stainless core with no restrictive baffles. That means you get straight-through flow and power with a Magnaflow exhaust.


CHEVY, FORD, DODGE For the enthusiast who wants to take their truck to the extreme and get an aggressive powerful sound and different look this extreme dual bolt-on cat-back exhaust is for you. Exits behind the rear tires at an angle. Every Gibson exhaust is designed to decrease backpressure and produce more torque and increased horsepower.


Massive amounts are sent through your vehicle when you equip it with the right Dynomax exhaust system. Intense horsepower ripples through the engine making towing, hauling and climbing virtually effortless while added torque catapults you off the line!

Thunderous, full, intense…Dynomax exhaust systems are carefully engineered and tuned to represent the distinct personality of each application. It's a sound you can feel!

(Glasspack shown above)


The Flowmaster Sound is the true tone of American muscle and performance. Available in a wide range of domestic and import applications for automobiles and trucks. Flowmaster mufflers produce more power than OEM and competitive aftermarket products.


For custom needs, BORLA® offers components of its performance exhausts separately. These premium upgrades are made from aircraft-quality T-304 stainless steel.


Constructed from either 14-gauge aluminized steel with valued added Ti-TECH™ coating or optional 304 Stainless Steel, the new Edelbrock patent-pending Sound Deflection Technology line of mufflers offer some very convincing performance advantages over the competition. When testing on our eddy-current Superflow SF-840 chassis dyno, we found that our design delivers significant horsepower and torque gains while at the same time keeping sounds levels in check.

Hedman Headers

Hedman's ELITE Hedders have more to them. The 3/8" flanges and THERMAL COATED 14g tubing withstand full-throttle thrashing and torturous towing to protect against burnout and exhaust leaks caused by the excessive heat and vibration present in high performance and towing applications. ELITE Hedders outlast and outperform ordinary hedders.


Every Gibson Header is Dyno-tuned and engineered to deliver more usable horsepower and torque at low and mid-range RPM highway speeds. Improves engine’s ability to breathe and cooler operating engine temperature. Designed as a direct replacement for the factory manifolds, using the stock crossover pipe. They are well suited for lowered and raised vehicles, street and off-road. 50 State Street legal. Meets EPA and CARB requirements. Will not affect the factory warranty.

DynoMax Cyclone

These headers are constructed from 18-gauge tubing, and they have ceramic coating on the outside (with partial coating on the inside) to withstand temperatures up to 1300°F. This incredible coating will not turn blue or oxidize, and it helps to dramatically reduce engine compartment temperatures. Gaskets, reducers, and all necessary nuts and bolts are included for installation.

Doug Thorley

Doug Thorley Try-Y Header design yields maximum power from Idle to 4500 RPM, while adhering to strict emissions standards. Specifically engineered to be well suited for trucks, two-rigs, and RV's, power significantly increases in mid range RPM's, making this style exceptionally efficient at highway speeds. Fuel economy and low-end torque increase dramatically with the Tri-Y systems while reduced backpressure, lower engine heat and lesssned weight are all added benefits.


Borla Performance Industries is proud to launch the XR-1® Diesel Line with the release of our Cat-Back™ Systems. Over the years, the lessons learned in professional racing have transferred to the intense durability requirements of heavy duty diesel powered pick up trucks. BORLA has incorporated our patented XR-1® multi-core muffler design into these large 4” diameter mandrel bent free flowing exhaust systems.

Hooker Headers

The Hooker line of Super Competition™ & Competition™ headers, mufflers and catback exhaust systems are the most complete on the market. Since the golden era of drag racing in the 1960s, Hooker has helped more racers reach the Winner's Circle than any other header company. Street to race, Hooker exhaust technology will make your car or truck perform and sound better.

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